Monday, 20 May 2013


Well I played Wood Festival at Braziers park on the Saturday night on the Tree Stage and it was fantastic. Great audience, great sound, good stage :) Thanks to everyone who came to watch.
It was the first festival of the season for me, plenty more to come!
So the Sun was out all day, an unheard of thing for a festival I know and there was a big bonfire in the night. It was good to sit around it after my set and listen to everyone singing drunken songs and playing strange games that I am sure the rules were explained to me but still I couldn't pass on the knowledge of it.
Other acts that played were Megan Henwood, a beautiful folk singer song writer, La Mort Subite with their Gypsy styled upbeat grooves, Jack Cade playing his Jonny Cash styled sounds, there was another band I think they were called Syd Arthur that were awesome too.

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