Tuesday, 13 August 2013


So I got to perform at Boom Town this year on the Wandering Word stage. I am very pleased to have got booked for this festival. Ben Capp did the sound for me and I have been told that it was the best sound a lot of people have heard, amazingly clear. The Sun was out and those who were there for my gig were a pleasure to play to.
Wandering Word, a stage for more chilled out acts and Poetry, was hidden away in one of the many woods surrounding the festival. Everyone I spoke to around it was saying how it was the perfect escape from the madness that was the rest of Boom Town.
It's a proper party at this festival..... All the stages had awesome bands, the Sun stayed out as far as I am aware. If it did rain at all then I didn't notice. The escalator that takes you from Down Town to Up Town was constantly covered in people who looked like they had been awake for about twelve days.... Whilst everyone else had to dodge the festival taxis and other mad forms of transport that tried to get themselves up that massive bloody slope.
I didn't get to see the whole of the festival as far as I am aware as it was so huge. People kept telling me of places I had not heard of, would have helped if I had got a map as I wandered endlessly through all sorts of crazy areas and kept finding hidden away stages.
Arcadia was blowing some pretty massive fire balls and there were electric men shooting electricity through their heads at each other....!
I could go on, but the main thing I can say is..... If you get a chance to go next year then do it!
And if you see me in the program then come say hi and watch my loop pedaling. Nice one....

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