Tuesday, 13 August 2013


To be fair I only really got to see the Sangers stage area at this festival as I was only there for the Friday night to do my gig. So.....
The Sangers stage was set up by the lake and was a collection of travellers wagons parked in a ring with a fire in the middle and bands on the back of a cart. It looked great with its light show, the sound was pretty good and when I got to play my set there was a fire spinner who joined me to add to the show.
Thanks to Dave for putting me on, wish I could have got to stick around.
The guys running Lake Fest were really friendly and so were the security! Had to be the most polite I have ever met, when they told me and this fella Oli that we were not allowed to bring glass bottles back into the festival, very polite and apologetic. Normally they would just get seized and drunk by someone else....

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