Monday, 27 August 2012

Review by Tony Benjamin - Venue Magazine

Porter Cellar Bar, Bath (Thur 8 Jan)
• There’s enough musical gear about for a full band but, once a respectable scattering of hardy souls has arrived to watch him, it turns out that one man uses the lot. Edd ‘The Green Man’ Keane builds his warm-up set of tunes with loop pedals, flitting from guitar to bass to cajon to sax (and so on) to assemble each number. It’s a lively performance - as much juggling act as music making - and his quick-change stage hopping keeps our photographer busy. The resulting music, a kind of prog-acoustica, inevitably recalls ‘Tubular Bells’ or an out-take interlude from a lost Yes album and succeeds best on his final loping North African groove.

Tony Benjamin - venue magazine

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