Sunday, 26 May 2013


Just got back from Bath Fringe. Mental weekend. Three festivals in a Row and no sleep.
Small World Festival was awesome!!! Proper Muddy but was a great gig as always, everyone dancing and having it large :)
Elderflower Fields festival, the Sun came out, I played at Midnight and was proper knackered having been partying from the gig the night before and then having to mission from festi to festi, but met some really awesome people and I hope to meet them again.
Then Bath fringe today, I was on just before Georgey Fame, who said he liked my stuff which is always good to hear.
Right, I'm off to a party now at my old house before it gets knocked down. In need of a drink  

By the way, this Saturday I am playing at the Abbot Cook in Reading. Free Entry, starts at half eight. See you there if your in town!

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