Monday, 10 June 2013


Back from Scotland now. I was giging up at the Eden Festival in Moffat. It has to be said, it was a great festival. It was proper sunny.... Loadsa awesome people and great bands. No Mud!!! Amazing. Thanks to everyone who came to my shows in the Visnu Lounge, Furry Chillum and Giddy Aunts stages.

Then I had a show in the Borders at Moondogs Cafe in Galashiels for Craig and Emma at one of their fantastical music and food nights. Cheers for putting us up guys and for a great night. It all went really well so I am well pleased. Nice one.

Next show booked in at the Mo is at the Magic Garden in Battersea, London on the 11th July. Come along :) It's Free entry, great food and booze, will be a gooden.

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