Wednesday, 4 September 2013


So I was only there for the Sunday and admittedly I was only there for a few hours to play my set and have a beer, but still I think I am allowed to have some thoughts about my short time at this festi.
First of all it's a non profit festival with all proceeds going to charity, which is awesome.....
It is nice and small, I like small festivals, and it is set up with it's focus on the main stage at the bottom of the hill with a nice big bar at the top. There was an acoustic stage hidden away at the back, a tepee cafe and some rather random but very cool hidden stage of some sort dug into the hill behind the cafe.
Run by Tom Wilkes and his army of volunteers and smiley people it was easy to get around and get myself set up on stage. The line up looked a gooden and the sun was out warming up all the peeps who chilled out on the sofas that lined the slope from the stage to the bar.
I felt my set was enjoyed, which is always helpful, and the sound was really good, so cheers to the sound dude.
It will be on again next year and I am hoping that if I get a chance I will go for the whole weekend, you should do the same.
Nice one :)

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