Thursday, 26 July 2012

Secret Garden Party 2012 Review

It may have taken 4 hours of driving and 5 hours of queing and It may have rained on Thursday night leaving the entire festival site the colour and texture of toffee, covered all my instruments in a layer of sludge, and made it imposible to carry them to all the stages I was playing on, but.......
Who cares... What an awesome festival that was!!!
Thanks to the beautiful people of the Small World Crew, the crazy lunatics of the Tax Decductable theatre and the only just discovered People front room, for letting me play on thier stages. And a massive thanks to Guliver for his poetry about Elephants.
Pulling off a gig at five in the morning after drinking my weight in Whisky ( Well... I think I pulled it off ), appreciating the sunshine when it finaly turned up, and adventures filled with complete stupidity, dancing, and turning invisible when required. Good company and... well what else can I say. No need me thinks. Go next year and you'll see why it's the best festival in the UK.
Thankyou Secret Garden Party, I Love you. X

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