Monday, 2 July 2012

Well..... That was pretty muddy. I drove 250 miles yesterday to Beatherder festival with my mate Skoobie to play a gig on the Smokey Tentacles stage. We got there to find to lot of very muddy but smiley people. It didn't seem like anyone really cared about the sludge, which is always a sign of a good festival, or trashed people.
It was pretty awesome. Was a good gig. Shame I didn't get to stick around though as we had to drive back the 1million miles pretty much straight away afterwards.
Just as we were on the last stretch of road, at about 3.30am we hit a deer....! It rolled over the corner of the car and disappeared in to the hedge row. We stopped and went to go see if we could find it, Skoobie gets hungry pretty easily you see, but it legged it off when we got close, so I guess it must have been o.k... Lets hope so hey...
Anyways... I'm gonna be playing on the Smokey Tentacles stage again at Secret Garden Party at some point over the weekend it is on, so if your there and happen to stumble past while I am playing, come and say hello. :)


  1. It was an extremely muddy festival, but the atmosphere was very friendly. My only complaint is that your set was not longer, my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it. btw how did you know I like dragons when you were giving out stickers?

  2. Everyone likes Dragons!! Or at least they should...
    I am well pleased you enjoyed my set. I wish I could have played for longer too, I would still be doing it now if they had let me, and the festi was still going on...
    Hope you stuck the sticker somewhere interesting. :)