Sunday, 20 July 2014


So I just got back from playing a show in Finland at the H2O Festival in Turku.
It's a fantastic festi. It's the first year of the festival, well.... it used to be called Ilimo festival and was only one day long and also in a different place, so really it's the first one :) and they did a great job!
There was 100 bands across 10 stages, athough the site must have only been 6 acres big!
The range in styles of the bands was very eclectic, from reggae to crazy out there madness, late night VJ's with some very strange stuff going on, people deciding to start stripping off and getingt groovy on stage in very hot, smokey and very arty kitted out rooms...  Although I didn't get to stick around to see how that ended up.
Other bands from the UK who came along were Hawkwind and also my mates from Amorphous Androgynous (Who I play Flute for) doing a rather cut down version of the band with only Gaz and Jon with his Sitar.
My own set was a true pleasure to get to play, well received and appreciated. I would love to play for them again.
I have to say it is one of the most friendly festivals I have played at - loving the Finns :)
Got a lift back to the Hotel off some new made friends after sampling several local liquids, trying to squeeze a few bikes, a large basket and people into a car that was so small it shouldn't have even fitted one bike... But we were determined.
All in all and all I can say is.... If your looking for a great new festival to visit and want to go to Finland, live in Finland or just happen to find yourself there, then look it up. The link to the site is near the top of this shpeal :)

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