Wednesday, 30 July 2014

TV Nights at RONNIE SCOTTS - Review

On Tuesday of this week I played at an event called TV nights at the Ronnie Scotts venue in London.
Ronnie Scotts is a World renowned Jazz venue in the heart of central London and has hosted some of the Worlds greatest musicians, so to get to play there is a true honour. To be fair the night I played at was upstairs in the Bar but seriously, they have some of the best up and coming bands in England performing there, so it was awesome to get to join them on stage.
If you ever get a chance to go to Ronnie Scotts you really should check this night out. It's on Tuesdays twice a month. Here is a link to the Facebook page for it
The other acts that performed the night I played were :-
Itchy TeethMatt HenryMikhail DakenRebecca Dancer and myself Edd Keene - The Green Man
If you want to find them them there are links to them on this events page

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  1. Good to know about this night party. It reminded me of my night party that I arranged at one of San Francisco event venues. Glad to throw my loved ones such a fun party and everyone was really happy and enjoyed it.